Co-driver is an add-on dedicated to Assetto Corsa race simulator. It is a rally navigator software inspired by the Jemba system. If you are new to rally stage notes or Jemba, I recommend that you start with the reading of this document :

Co-driver is the successor of Copilot for AC app. It is comprised of two phases :

  • The reconnaissance (or "recce") recording mode : the driver must travel along the track, once, in order to record the profile of this track. This process generate automatically the pace-notes.
  • The run mode : during the race, the notes are called vocally.

A note editor is also available, allowing you to customize you pace-notes.

New features

  • The new User Interface allows the change in game of various parameters such as the audio volume or braking distance.
  • It also includes a new count down process, in accordance with FIA regulation for WRC.
  • A new pace-notes Editor is provided, making change easier and safer.

Notes optimization

  • The notes can be automatically optimized in order to follow an "ideal trajectory" given by the file when this file exists (idea due to Gigi Monticelli). In case this file is not available, an optimization is done by computation.
  • With the optimizer, the severity of corners is analyzed with a scale of twenty values (against 6 in Copilot), using the "minus" and "plus" ajustments.

Brake points

  • Co-driver generates dynamically "brake" calls : when a long flat line ends in a tightened corner, Co-driver announces the point where the brake should begin.
  • The point is calculated according to the speed of the car and can be customized using several parameters.

Extension of tracks supported

  • Works with looped tracks. The number of laps can be set in the user interface.
  • Works with tracks having several configurations (uphill and downhill, for instance).
  • Works with up and down tracks with a u-turn at the top and return using the same path in reverse.

Several notes systems available

  • The driver can select one among several notes systems :
    • Descriptive : "one hundred, middle left";
    • Numeric : "One hundred, left four";
    • Angular : "One hundred meters, left one hundred".

Customizing the notes style and language

  • The audio messages are generated by Microsoft Speech synthesizer. Thus, it is easy to add new terms in the vocabulary used to build pace-notesinn. As the messages are generated by the synthesizer, users don't have to record their own voice.
  • Languages available are : English, French, Italian and Spanish. But if you have a Microsoft Speech synthesizer installed for another language, it is possible to build a module for your own language.
  • A grammar editor make easier the modification of vocabulary, addition of comments or changes of the text of notes.

Repeat button

  • If you miss a note, you can ask Co-driver to repeat it using one of the buttons of you wheel.

Best times

  • Co-driver includes a local database where your best times will be recorded. Best times are recorded by combo, track / car model. If you agree, your best times will be uploaded to Co-driver web site database and made available for other users.